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Biz611 is located on the edge of the Downtown Historic District featuring a “green” building as home to an assortment of Technology, Environmental and Startup businesses. The area is more than just a business district. It is the heart of an economically and culturally vibrant mountain community. The mix of specialty shops, art galleries, funky-to-formal restaurants and vibrant entertainment venues. The Biz611 common areas are fortunate to feature the work of local artists. Please join us in supporting the local Art scene in Western North Carolina.

Biz611 is proud to have hosted the following Artists:

James Davis Artist
James Davis has established a reputation as one of North Carolina’s most unique and recognized artists. Davis mixes art media such as oil, charcoal and watercolor to achieve a textured, layered surface that adds an abstract quality to his impressionistic subjects. He has attracted a strong growing interest from artists and art critics.

Regional art critic and jazz/blues performer, Arthur Shuey has labeled James Davis’s approach as “Myxolydian” after the primary jazz scale designed to intentionally darken and lighten selected elements of a piece through alteration of the sound. In the case of James Davis’s painting technique, “Myxolydian” refers to the mixing of art elements through the visual spectrum. He is, in effect painting in a different key than most other painters, summarizes Mr. Shuey.

James Davis is generating a new movement in art around the world.

See James Davis at Art MoB Studios & Marketplace.